About our Music Scholarship:

Diane Whitt, club member (and popular local teacher) dreamed of a music scholarship for a deserving senior. Our club embraced the idea and the rest is music history! Our scholarship is open to all Mississippi high school seniors. Each spring, a panel of judges reviews submissions and narrows it down to ten finalists who perform live for our club. A vote is taken and the winner is announced on-stage.
The 10 finalist for 2018 are as follows:
Tishria Atkins
Katie Simpson
Elijah Coudill
Holly Brand
Maria Price
Sarah Beth Tidwell
Jamie Pack
Todd Hoang
Will O’varr
Serenity Holloway
Congratulations!  See you all on April 7th to compete for the top three spots to win a scholarship.
The finalist will compete at St. James Catholic Church – Shelton Hall in Tupelo.



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