Lyric Theatre

Growing up in a small town, the movies were a window to the world and Elvis and his buddies loved to go to the Saturday afternoon matinee.  He and James Ausborn and later Sam Bell would sit in the dark mesmerized by the westerns they saw on the big screen.  After the movie was over, they would play cowboy & Indians, reliving what they had just seen.

Elvis would enter through the front entrance and head up to the balcony.  Sam would enter on the south side through the “colored” entrance and go up some backstairs to the balcony.  Once they were both there, Elvis would step over the eighteen inch “barrier” which separated the white and black sections and sit with Sam in the “colored” section.  No one every bothered them.

Elvis also won his first talent show at the Lyric when he was seven years old:  A weeks pass for he and his parents to the movies.  Sponsored by Baker & Baker furniture.  David Baker recalled presenting the award.

Located at 201 North Broadway.

The Lyric is now home to Tupelo Community Theatre.

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