Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club
Welcome to Tupelo...the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Elvis was a kind, fun and generous person. God gave him one of the most beautiful voices in the world. He is still often referred to as "The King", but Elvis never liked to be called "King". He said that there was only one King and that is Jesus Christ. We are proud and blessed to call him "our boy".

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The Tupelo Elvis Fan Club is happy to announce our sponsorship of Dancing With The King. This event will provide scholarships to 40 young people. Each team will dance to an Elvis tune. While it is true that just about everyone knows about Elvis Presley and some of his music, few people are aware of the true scope of Elvis' recording career. If you count his recordings that were done in a studio, the count is well over 700 songs. If you add in his live recordings, the count exceeds 900 tunes! As these young people discover Elvis' music, you too will hear songs you have forgotten or maybe even never heard. It is a fun for all event. Click the banner below to learn more.

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