About our Music Scholarship:

Diane Whitt, club member (and popular local teacher) dreamed of a music scholarship for a deserving senior. Our club embraced the idea and the rest is music history! Our scholarship is open to all graduating Mississippi high school seniors. Each spring, a panel of judges reviews submissions and narrows it down to ten finalists who perform live for our club. A vote is taken and the winner is announced on-stage.
The judges have come to a decision and wish to announce the 2020 Scholarship winners.
1st Place: Samuel Gaines – $5000.00
2nd Place: Gracie Swartzenddruber – $3000.00
3rd Place: Rachel Claire Stevens – $2000.00
Congratulations to our 2020 Winners. We want to thank all our graduating Seniors for their participation in our scholarship program. The contestants were all great and the judges worked hard to come to this decision.We hope everyone enjoyed the videos that the contestants supplied and look forward to next years competition. Everyone that has a Senior graduating in 2021 please let them know about the Scholarship Program. See you next year!